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The German Antarctica Expedition 1938/1939

Route of the "Schwabenland"


On December 17, 1938 the "Schwabenland" left Hamburg  for an area called "Neu-Schwabenland" in Antarctica. Officially the expedition's purpose was to explore the whale population in the Antarctic Ocean.

After four months the expedition ended when the "Schwabenland" reached Cuxhaven in Germany on April 11, 1939.


 The exploration flights were undertaken using the proven flying boats D-AGAT "Boreas" and D-ALOX "Passat". Both Dornier Wals have been used to cross the South Atlantic between Bathurst (now Banjul) and Natal when the Deutsche Lufthansa ran a mail service between Europe and South America.

11.600 pictures where taken covering an area of roughly 400.000 sq km. The area claimed by Germany back in 1938 covered about 600.000 sq km.


1. Flight Engineer Franz Preuschoff was also part of the expedition. The Preuschoff Range was named after him.

Preuschoff Range
Preuschoff Range

The Preuschoff Range is located in the M├╝hlig-Hofmann Mountains between the Gablenz and the Mayr Range.

Picture Credits

Logo of the German Antarctica Expedition taken from the book "Deutsche Forscher im S├╝dpolarmeer", Safari-Verlag Berlin published in 1941 by author Ernst Herrmann

All other pictures taken from the article "Nunataker tragen Lufthansa-Namen" published by Lufthansa between Aug 28, 1958 and Sept 14, 1958