Mail Services after 1927

Cooperation between aircraft and shipping companies

Mail Services Across the Atlantic Ocean

The Deutsche Luft Hansa operated a number of mail services across the Atlantic Ocean. Since the distances were still to big to cover by planes the Luft Hansa had to work together with shipping companies.



North Atlantic Mail Delivery

On the North Atlantic the liners "Bremen" and "Europa" served as bases from which the planes could be catapulted ahead of the ship's arrival at its destination. The "Bremen" belonged to the Norddeutsche Lloyd. The liner "Columbus" was too small to install a catapult so it could only take on mail brought by plane after it had left port the previous day.

South Atlantic Mail Delivery

On the South Atlantic the Deutsche Luft Hansa worked together with the "Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft" (or short "Hamburg Süd") and the Syndicato Condor Ltda operating in South America.

Only later did the Deutsche Luft Hansa operate catapult ships stationed in the middle of the South Atlantic. At last, two catapult ships were stationed at either end of the route across the South Atlantic - one in Bathurst (now Banjul) and the other one near Natal and Fernando de Noronha.


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